We work with venture capital firms, private equity firms and founders to create enduring value.

Starting a new business is hard – in fact, 40-90% of new start-ups fail. And frankly, there are a lot of ways to mess it up. At Perpetual, we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs avoid costly setbacks that can come from a nonexistent or misaligned IP strategy and/or failure to connect to the only person that matters at the end of the day – the customer. 

That’s because we view the world a bit differently. Perpetual takes a broader view of IP, viewing branding and execution against customer need as a critical part of the value creation strategy. We help change the competitive playing field with market informed IP strategy and patent protection that can create exclusive competitive advantage for our clients and investors. 

Like a moat around a castle that houses the treasured invention or idea, well designed IP strategy and patent protection builds a deep and wide barrier to invaders. Perpetual combines critical aspects of IP protection along with thoughtful  market analysis and strategic brand guidance to create a deeper, wider moat and more enduring value.

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Our Packaged services

Get Focused

Your concept's first step toward viability. Building and executing around a patent strategy, Perpetual will execute the first crucial steps to transform your idea into an asset.

Get Noticed

Building upon and incorporating each of the components of the "Get Focused" package, Perpetual next turns to attacking your brand strategy and building your business identity.

Get to Market

Incorporating the research and strategies from the “Get Focused” and “Get Noticed” offerings, Perpetual will advance your market attack strategies leveraging our standout experience.


Virtual and Physical Prototyping

To stay ahead of the crowd, your product must evolve.  Often, patent research identifies white space areas - and areas your acquirers are likely to attack - requiring an integrated patenting and product development strategy.  We can attack this with you.

Package Design

Building a package to masterfully tell the story of the product it contains requires mastery of the brand foundations, familiarity with the product, and unique experience in this niche field.  We will combine all this to maximize the potential of your product presentation.

Manufacturing Strategy

Your choice in manufacturing process significantly affects the profit margin for your product. Product development includes planning for manufacturing. Perpetual can design your manufacturing plan and choose a manufacturer. We can help you determine best fit of process and vendor for the image and functionality of your product.  

Sales Training

If you're a tech founder, you likely are very good at what you do.  Which likely isn't sales.  The reality, however, is that a company's best sales people must be its leaders.  Let us share our expertise in building process and metric based sales processes to arm you with the skills you need to generate revenues.

IP Value Exploration

Patents serve as wonderful tools to gain unfair advantages against would-be market entrants, but you often need to explore the market to understand when and how to deploy resources to prioritize certain patent assets.  Let us help you explore the value of your hypothetical and real patent assets to help you more efficiently build and preserve your venture's value.

Due Diligence & Investor Relations


Your investors will likely need to see the details of your company including but not limited to the financial history, employee documents, incorporation documents, intellectual property, customer agreements, and strategic relationship agreements. These documents must be compiled by you and offered to investors as part of the investment discussion. We can advise you on the creating of your due diligence package so that it is comprehensive and representative of your company and your deal.