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Pricing and Promotion Strategy

Based in part upon the Market Analysis and Intellectual Property Analysis from "Get Focused," Perpetual will develop a pricing and promotion strategy for your product. The pricing and promotion strategy will account for the other firms in the market identified by the market analysis offering related, competitive and/or complementary products to determine price ranges and messaging that consumers will accept. 

Distribution and Sales Strategy

Don't just "get it on Amazon and pray."  Accounting for the unique brand positioning and the market opportunities identified in earlier phases, and incorporating aspects of the pricing and promotion strategy, Perpetual will develop a distribution and sales strategy for your product. The distribution and sales strategy will leverage Perpetual relationships and include earlier performed market research and identify target segments and channels for your product based on iterations of your product tailored to market need. 

Pitching Strategy

Pitching to investors requires intense preparation. Perpetual will build out a pitch deck utilizing our experience evaluating thousands of pitches and craft a strong oral presentation for you to deliver. These materials will be based on the market research, brand development, pricing and promotional strategy, and distribution and sales strategy that Perpetual will have previously performed. 

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Give your concept the benefit of our expertise and resources to effectively address the market.

Incorporating the research and strategies from the “Get Focused” and “Get Noticed” offerings, Perpetual will advance your market attack strategies.