Get Noticed

IP-Informed Brand Development

Perpetual will build your brand first considering foundation of your IP. The key deliverable from this phase will incorporate statements of brand purpose & context, your positioning statement, key brand equities, brand values, brand traits, brand voice & tone, personification of your brand, and a finely distilled brand promise that will guide the development of your business identity. 

Brand Protection Strategy

Perpetual will provide feedback to Rocky Mountain Patent to prepare it to file one or more trademark, service mark, and/or trade dress applications to protect your evolving business identity.  Perpetual's non-legal strategic advisory role builds on the information collected during the market analysis and brand foundations preparation phases with regard to protecting your business identity. 

One Sheet

Perpetual will summarize your company’s story into a single sheet document. The business one-sheet will eloquently and concisely articulate your business’s key elements for potential consumers and investors in order to efficiently advance the aims of your business. 

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Transforming a product into a brand, Perpetual's second phase leverages our deep branding expertise.

Building upon and incorporating each of the offerings of the "Get Focused" package, during "Get Noticed," Perpetual works with you to attack your brand strategy in concert with your IP.