Concept Statement

When you have an idea for a technology or a product, it requires distilling down into concise, descriptive language, exactly what it is and the value it intends to deliver and how that links back to IP Strategy. This work informs the product development process and helps you determine the needs versus the luxuries.

Provisional Patent Application

In conjunction with the development of a true understanding of market positioning and go-to-market opportunities, our execution partner Rocky Mountain Patent (subject to a separate engagement, but offered within a unified package) will accomplish the steps needed to start the patent process.

Market Validation

We use current best practices to engage in market validation through addressable market quantification, competitive analysis and barriers to entry assessment. This work informs a business focused discussion regarding customer development, product development, investor relations, deal structure, funding structure, executive board development, distribution channels, strategic partnerships, and staffing. 


Built upon Perpetual’s Market Validation and a patentability search separately provided by Rocky Mountain Patent,  Perpetual will engage in efforts to assess the value of your hypothetical IP. Thus, as you iterate upon the original invention encompassed into your first provisional patent application, our valuation will inform decisions related to your product development, allowing you to iterate in a direction toward a market opportunity and invest limited R&D resources in a targeted fashion. 

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Your startup's first step.  Perpetual's early fixed-fee offering to transform your idea into an asset.

During the "Get Focused" phase, while building on an initial patent strategy, Perpetual will accomplish the critical first steps to breath life into your business concept.