We help build and grow uniquely de-risked companies through market focused IP strategy and patent protection. 

Don't mess it up

At Perpetual, we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs avoid costly setbacks that can come from a nonexistent or misaligned IP strategy or failure to connect IP to the only thing that ultimately matters…the customer.

A powerful brand can last forever – or, as we like to say, in perpetuity.  After all, even the best drafted patents may only last for a limited time. That’s why we combine critical aspects of IP protection along with thoughtful market analysis and strategic brand guidance to create enduring value in the companies that we advise and invest in.

View the world a bit differently

Our starting point is IP.  Patents can be an invaluable tool for the creation of value in the form of barriers to entry for an entrepreneur. Patents provide monopolistic protection for a set amount of time up to 20 years. Having patent protection can be critical to value creation and defense of that value in a new venture - especially at the earliest stages of a company's life cycle.

But not all patent strategies are created equal. Patents should not be considered in a vacuum, separate from branding, marketing and exit strategies.

Make better bets

Investment decisions can be tough. Leaders have an overwhelming amount of options in directing precious resources to grow their business and investors face staggering odds of venture failure. Market driven IP strategy can help narrow and de-risk the choices…and that can make all the difference. 

We’re on a mission to help more good startups succeed.  Don’t overlook or just "check the box" when it comes to IP. Start with customer need and market opportunity as critical drivers—we can show you how.